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August 2, 2019

About this website/关于这个网站

主要是与数学有关的内容. 可能内容不是很轻松有趣, 但是我希望严格的数理语言能引人思考, 从思考中获得兴趣. 当然内容不太可能涉及高深的领域, 大多数是关于基本内容的论证. 欢迎随时通过右上角的联系方式和我取得联系,也可以在下面的链接里问我匿名问题。

Mainly mathematical stuff. Maybe my posts are not funny or interesting at all, but I do hope the rigorous mathematical language can get people thinking, obtaining interests within. Of course it’s not possible for me to post some articles related to top tier fields. Generally my post will be the discussion of fundamental stuff. You are welcome to get to me via the contact on the right top. Also, ask anoymous questions by the link down below.

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