About Me

You can simply find everything you want about me by reading my posts. I have nothing else to say, so be it. If you want to make a reference to my posts, please let me know (see the email down below).

The only third party plugin used in this blog is MathJax. No tracker installed. Anyway I’m not an IT guy, the only thing I can ensure is your reading experience.

This blog does not offer print function. However, if you want to view my posts offline, it’s recommended to print the page into PDF with the help of browser extensions.

Ordered chronologically. I’m not in a mood to add more link exchanges now.


Mail me via admiraldesvl#gmail.com (# -> @). You can mail me for several reasons. For example, when you find something mathematically wrong or pretty difficult to understand, do not hesitate to drop a mail! But you may not see the comment section here for a long period of time.