About Me and This blog

You can simply find everything you want about me by reading my posts. I have nothing else to say, so be it. I guarantee no perfectness of my post but I’ll do my best. If you want to make a reference to my posts, please let me know (see the email down below).

The only third party plugin used in this blog is MathJax. No tracker installed. Anyway I’m not an IT guy, the only thing I can ensure is your reading experience.

This blog does not offer any print service. However, if you want to read my posts offline, it’s recommended to print the page into PDF with the help of browser extensions.

There is no way to ensure that my posts are readable for everyone. When writing a post, I will set a default knowledge level for the reader. Of course I wouldn’t write something like “we refer the reader to Bourbaki”. But there are something that everyone have to overcome in order to be stronger.

Ordered chronologically. I’m not in a mood to add more link exchanges now. Some are remove due to inaccessibility or inactivity. Contact me if you want to recover it.


Mail me via d_blog_contact#protonmail.com (# -> @). You can mail me for several reasons. For example, when you find something mathematically wrong, do not hesitate to drop a mail!