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This blog is in general for educational purposes in mathematics and for writing down what I've done. Not trying to 'show off' something but hope I can help some random people on the Internet or simply myself (when my memory goes wrong). I guarantee no perfectness of my post but I'll do my best. If you want to make a reference to my posts, please let me know (see the email down below).

The only third party plugins used in this blog is MathJax. Anyway I'm not a geek or an IT guy, the only thing I can ensure is your reading experience. I hope my blog is a shelter for those tired of toxic culture. I only try to learn how popular my website is by Google search report of my domain. Google can learn what you searched everyday but I cannot.

This blog does not offer any print service. However, if you want to read my posts offline, it's recommended to print the page into PDF with the help of browser extensions (edit: save-as-pdf extension seems not so satisfying. I will think about a better way to do it if many people ask for it). You may also ask for original markdown file from myself (for free). I left my email address at the bottom.

There is no way to ensure that my posts are readable for everyone. The background of the reader varies a lot. If you find you can understand nothing in one of my posts, simply find something else. It does mean you don't have the related background but it doesn't mean you are bad. Also it's not my fault. If I want to make my post readable to everyone or a lot of people, I guess I have to do math popularisation. Some people are good at popularising mathematics and did an excellent job (also some people are good at overly exaggerating things, creating nonsense drama), but I'm not that kind of people. I prefer pen and paper, chalk and blackboard, formality and rigour. I won't allow myself to skip some key steps or hide their details when writing my blog post. But I'm not writing tutorials.

One of the reasons for me to run this blog (at a cost of 10$/year) is, to remove the inexplicit barrier to information, or say to fight against information asymmetry. Let's admit it - sometimes it is extremely hard (and frustrating!) to get resources we want. I want to be the one of change, so random students like you and me will not feel 'being trivialised personally'.

But I can't and shan't take care of everyone's background. When writing a post, I will set a default knowledge background and mathematical maturity of the reader (most of the time I assume the reader is a math major student interested in pure math, just like me). Of course I wouldn't write something like "we refer the reader to Bourbaki". But there are something that everyone has to overcome in order to be stronger. We need patience and be ready to work on some hard problems for a long time, and it's always a stupid take to ask 'how to study math fast'.

While I appreciate many world-changing engineering thing, I have to admit that, I can never be an engineer-type people. They are cool but I spent several years to realise that, trying to do engineering thing is the easiest way to frustrate me and exhaust me. I can spend days to work on a single exercise in a math book but I will be burnt out by trying to set up some development environment with in half an hour. As a result I won't try to do engineering-related things in this blog. I simply do not have that ability.


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